Discover this slide halfway between skiing and cycling

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Do you want to discover new sensations?
Gliss Center invites you to try the snowscoot!

It is a relatively accessible form of sliding, an alternative to skiing and snowboarding and very popular with BMX, mountain biking and motocross enthusiasts.

At the front, a handlebar that allows you to steer a skate, like a bicycle. In the back, the frame rests on a mini snowboard. There are fixed or suspended models. These are not suitable for rental because of their fragility.

Of French origin, it was invented in 1991 by a group of friends. Then it was exported to Japan and the USA in 1996.

At Gliss Center, we have selected models from the Centsixsnowscoot brand 100% Auvergne Libre in very light aluminum (10 kg) and above all very rigid, ideal for responsiveness.

The rental rate is 30€/day
If you do not have snowboard boots, they will be loaned to you free of charge.

Needless to say, snowscooting is authorized in Vars (unlike Serre Chevalier).

Finally, a short video initiation to the practice:

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