Situation as of September 23, 2022: 98.3% of 1,229 customer reviews

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It is always very rewarding/pleasant to receive positive (or negative) feedback from customers regarding a product or service.
to meet the main expectations of consumers.

Thus, each year, we analyze the comments of the previous season to bring out the essential points in order to improve from year to year.

As part of this process, we have noted several very positive comments from customers who thank the store for the welcome, the equipment in good condition and the wise advice of our team of professionals. In addition, prices are also a major asset of the store.

Comment Delphine April 2022Comment Kevin April 2022

In terms of areas for improvement, we noted “a sometimes long waiting time” and “the impossibility of being reimbursed for the skis if we return them before”.

Gliss Center thanks you very much for the time spent responding to this survey.

How the Gliss Center satisfaction survey works

A few days after the end of your stay in the resort, an e-mail is automatically sent to each customer in order to collect their opinion. A single choice (yes / no) must be entered. In addition, a text field allows you to give your opinion on the customer experience, advice, equipment, in-store reception, station location, etc.

A real indicator of user satisfaction

Since 2013, 1229 reviews have been submitted by our customers.

Even if the moderation of comments must be carried out by our team in order to maintain a quality section, it represents only 40 hidden comments, or 3.25% of the total. (1189 comments are displayed for 1229 in total).

However, these 40 comments are counted in the percentage of satisfaction.

Note that this percentage is corroborated by the rating system at Google, which gives us a rating of 4.6/5 for 72 reviews.

PS: In the end, it is also thanks to you that Gliss Center can claim such a good rate of 98.3% customer satisfaction :-)

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